More Than Your Brand: The re-design

The Plan

Create a website/digital moodboard to help plan out the new More Than Your Brand website and brand positioning while also practicing coding and skills learnt in CLG lessons and tutorials.

Is my plan to kill two birds with one stone? Yes.

Will it work? This is still very unclear.

The More Than Your Brand story

I launched More Than Your Brand in late 2017 as a bit of an experiment to see if I could put my marketing degree, creative brain, and knowledge of small business management to good use. By July 2018 I decided it was time to give the business a proper chance so I took it full-time. I have been running on caffeine and stubbornness ever since.

I'm planning on spending the next few months having a think about the positioning and structure of MTYB moving forward, so I will be using this website to plan things out (and practice some coding - hopefully!).

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